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Born in Sarajevo (then Yugoslavia, now the capital of Bosnia) where I had classical piano education and completed bachelor's degree in process automation. During the teenage rebellion, my musical interest started drifting towards more alluring worlds of rock and jazz when I actively worked as a pianist, composer and arranger for a number of artists and studios.

When the war in former Yugoslavia broke out I settled down in the UK where both of my children were born. This caused a change of focus and led to a career in the City of London where I worked on the development of a high-frequency algorithmic trading and pricing systems. 

However, music refused to go away and I went back to study composition at Birkbeck College (university of London) with David Sutton-Anderson and conducting at Morley college with Paul Sarcich.  Spurned by my late discovery of modernism, as well as contemporary computer-aided composition, I went on to complete Masters in Music Composition (MMus) at Goldsmiths College (University of London) where I studied both acoustic composition with Roger Redgate and interactive and generative composition with Dr.Michael Young.

Currently PhD candidate at Goldsmiths College.