Tenor 2021

Finally, something to look forward to after a terrible year.

I'll be presenting a paper on Dynamic Notation Strategies at Tenor 2021 (Tue 11 May 2021).
Looking at the schedule, it should be a fantastic conference, as usual.
Although, I will not be able to have a drink with those brilliant people, on-line is much better than nothing...

Dynamic Notation in Zscore

Very much enjoyed the Nov 2019 workshop with the fantastic Ligeti Quartet. We tested some of the new comprovisation features in ZScore in the preparations for the next years concert at Union Chapel. I put together a video explaining recently implemented dynamic notation features.

Possibilities of Networked Music Making

My article Possibilities of Networked Music Making has been published in December 2018 edition of L'education Musicale journal website thanks to Jonathan Bell's help. It describes my thoughts on how the networking technology could reverse the trend of composer / performer / listener role separation and lead to a new kind of communal music making.

Tenor 2018 Conference 24 - 26 May, Montreal

Delighted to present my paper ZScore: A Distributed System For Integrated Mixed Music Composition And Performance at the Fourth International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation TENOR 2018 Conference

Links referenced in the paper or during the presentation:

1 May 2018 Concert

Heather Roche, Valerie Wellbanks and Patrick Dawkins

will be performing my new piece Vexilla for violin, cello and bass clarinet,

as well as new music by Goldsmiths conposers Sarah Wetwood adnd Dan Ross.


After the fruitful workshop with excellent Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) I put together the video below which outlines the current configuration of the system I use for networked ensemble composition and performance (as of Mar 2017). This was done as part of my PhD research at Goldsmiths College, London.


Had a great session with Ensemble Interface on Sat 21 Nov 2015. They performed my new piece 'Red Mass' inspired by Rote Messe from Schoenberg's Pierrot. The session was brilliantly led and conducted by Hans Kretz. Top musicians and invaluable feedback, many thanks. They will perform really interesting program on Huddersfield festival including the fantastic new piece by Mauricio Pauly and slightly older Billone's piece. Dan Ross also had his algorithmic piece performed during the session.

My first visit to Ircam Workshops 24-26 Nov in Paris turned out to be more fruitful than expected. It would be hard to find another place on this planet with the higher concentration of music and tech geniuses. Great to meet Open Music team who are doing some neat work on new Maquette which should go really well with my networked score distribution research, very excited about it. Got some excellent tips from max bach composer guys so hoping to use it and InScore as networked real-time notation front ends. Ircam is such an inspiring place, hope to go there soon again.


Started part-time PhD in Music Composition at Goldsmiths College with Patricia Alessandrini and Roger Redgate (Oct 2015). I am hoping to help utilise power of networked, event-driven computer systems for composition and performance of acoustic and mixed electro-acoustic pieces. A lot of work has already been done on real-time music notation (InScore, Bach Composer, MaxScore, Quintet.net etc.) and network communications (OSC). Most of the works in this field, however, tend to be written for laptop based ensembles (PLOrk, SLOrk, European Bridges Ensemble etc.). My focus will be mainly on challenges of acoustic and mixed electro-acoustic composition and performance.


Sounds Positive ensemble performs my composition 'Scattered' as part of Anglo - Korean crossover concert on 1 Aug 2015 in Kingston upon Thames

Tickets available via Rose Theatre web site

'Scattered' is written for Bass Flute/Flute, Alto Sax, Trumpet and Trombone

Program notes:

The composition concepts and structure are based on Sanjo, a genre of traditional Korean music which can be loosely translated as 'scattered melodies'. Through the centuries Sanjo has been developed into an art form with well-defined structure, melodic and rhythmical content. Central to Sanjo music is the concept of Jo which defines the character of a particular section. Intricate melodies and rhythmical patterns of Sanjo movements are constructed and performed in a way which evokes the specific emotional response in a well-versed native audience. As with any other style of music, the emotional response of an outsider unfamiliar with the musical language might be very different. While this composition uses many elements of Sanjo, the definition of Jo in each section has been radically modified to reflect composer's response to the traditional musical material.

30 May 2015

Tomorrow Calling

I am delighted to announce that my composition 'Violation' has been chosen for the compilation album 'Tomorrow Calling' published by Demerara Records. It is an honour to be part of a such an exciting initiative which brings together a group of talented composers and musicians from all sorts of different backgrounds and music styles, united by the mission to write and perform new, progressive music. Other works of featured composers can be heard on Demerara soundcloud page.